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Download the application, remote control LED lights PALCO IT using Android Bluetooth device. Or a variety of other applications such as calculators, various programs. Programs to download, go to this site: Filip Palčo and Kamil Palčo

AndroLit LED lamp

AndroLit - PALCO IT © 16 - Remote-controlled lamp for everyone.

AndroLit = Luminaire for everyone. There is accessible in every household, office, industrial hall or in street lighting.

  • Controlled from any Android device Mobile, Tablet, TV, Watches...
  • Wireless bi-directional control, management and regulation
  • Universal output range from 8W to 44W
  • Minimum overall efficiency of 120lm/W with diffuser
  • The color temperature of 3000K, 4000K or adjustable
  • Color rendering index CRI = 85 to CRI = 90

AndroLit - functions

  • Adjustable power range 0-100% for - Android Bt_8 ... Bt_16
  • Adjustable power range 10-100% for - AndroLit Bt_32, ... Bt_36, ... Bt_44
  • Shutdown quiescent StandBy power consumption to 1W
  • Adjustable constant illumination during the period of the service life of 40,000 hours
  • Time management
  • Management of Artificial midnight
  • Lighting management
  • Management access of people
Remote management

  • Evaluation of energy savings
  • Evaluating the investment return
  • Evaluation of annual revenue from investments

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